Company Research

AskCI offers company research consultation service, which covers full range of detailed business information on specific companies. By conducting complete survey on a given company’s financial status, cost structure, stakeholder's performance, and other aspects, we offer full knowledge of the company, which might be your competitor, business partner, investment target, etc.

Industry Specification

Through long term monitoring of specific industries, AskCI analyzes the industry from various aspects such as demand, supply, characteristics, capabilities, industrial chain, etc. AskCI aims to help its clients gain comprehensive knowledge of the industry, discover commercial opportunities, manage risks and improve management capabilities.

Market Segment Analysis

IPO Consultancy

AskCI has provided IPO consultancy services to over 50 companies since 2007. Complete services would be given to clients throughout the whole process.

What we can offer:

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study reports are professional documents for financial sourcing, investment, governmental project, loan, etc. The reports analyze resource, social, economic, technologic factors of the project, in order to demonstrate the feasibility, necessity, and rationality of the project.

Sourcing Solutions

With AskCI’s database of 50 million company data and capability to collect and analyze information, we can provide you with the best and most suitable suppliers based on your demands.

Site Visit

Business Conference

Face-to-face discussion with industry experts;
AskCI holds various types of business conferences. In these activities, consultants and from different industries will be invited to share their view on industry development and market trend.